Technical Analysis Training Nepal Course  is a gateway for serious stock trading enthusiast. This course is especially meant for:

  • Beginner, for those  looking to learn and improve their trading skill
  • Intermediate level traders those endeavoring  to avoid some of the illusions and confusions in modern technical analysis.
  • Advance traders trying to be a Master Trader and Investor


There are millions of courses and textbooks on technical analysis training not only in Nepal, but all around the globe. Majority of them concentrate on very specific subject. In share market training Course, we provide the wide range of subjects which has practical value in real life trading. Our course is an excellent tool to serious traders and investors.

Investing in Nepal Stock market is a challenging work. Investors and traders are searching for the magic tools to make money in stock market with various approaches. Sometimes those approaches work and sometimes not, leading to frustrations. If you are in that situation of buying stocks and holding in hope of profiting, buy hot stocks, buy from rumor, buying good fundamental companies in hope of profiting and disappointed with results at the end etc. Share Market training is the best place to Brainstorm and find the way out. The approaches like above fail badly since they are based on unreliable and erroneous information and false assumptions.

By learning Technical Analysis in Share Market Training Nepal, You will overcome the above problems. Also there is another Field called  Fundamental Analysis of Stock. You can get Fundamental Analysis Training Nepal Course on your request. Both are two sides of the same coin. Fundamentalist is concerned with the intrinsic value. They gauge the undervalued company with the potential to move. Technical analyst is concerned with the  structure and dynamics of market and price action.